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Square Roots

How to type

To get a square root sign, press the Control key and the 2 key (or the @ key) at the same time.

Press 2 or @

Type inside the placeholder (which is already selected).

Type x

Press the Control key and the Space bar at the same time to get out of the square root.


How to type

Repeat the steps of the example for .

Press @, type x, press

Type the second square root in the same way as the first.

Press @, type y, press

How to type

Press Control-@ to get a square root sign.


Type the expression in the placeholder (which is already selected). Get out of the square root sign by pressing Control-Space.

Type x y, press

Another way to type

Start by typing the expression that will be inside the square root.

Type x y

Select the expression. (You can select by dragging, by pressing Control-Dot repeatedly, or by clicking the expression repeatedly.)

Select x y

Press Control-@ to put a square root around the selection. Get out of the square root by pressing Control-Space.

Press @, press