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  • AdjustmentBox[ box , opts ] displays with the placement of box adjusted using the options given.
  • In the notebook front end, AdjustmentBox objects can typically be inserted and modified using , , and . These keys move your current selection by one pixel at the current screen magnification.
  • The following options can be given:
  • Horizontal motion specifications are in ems; vertical ones in x-heights.
  • Motion specifications can be either positive or negative numbers.
  • Positive margin specifications increase the spacing around box; negative ones decrease it.
  • Moving the baseline affects for example vertical alignment in a RowBox.
  • Top and bottom margins affect for example placement in a FractionBox or an OverscriptBox.
  • In StandardForm and InputForm input, AdjustmentBox is by default ignored, so that AdjustmentBox[ box , opts ] is interpreted just as box would be.
  • Inserting an explicit spacing character such as \[ThinSpace] can have the same effect for display as AdjustmentBox, but the spacing character by default affects interpretation.
  • AdjustmentBox[ box , opts ] uses the options given only to adjust the position of box itself. Unlike StyleBox, it does not propagate the options to subboxes.
  • See the Mathematica book: Section 2.8.11.
  • See also: StyleBox, GridBox, ScriptBaselineShifts.