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  • ArcTan[ z ] gives the arc tangent of the complex number z.
  • ArcTan[ x , y ] gives the arc tangent of , taking into account which quadrant the point is in.
  • Mathematical function (see Section A.3.10).
  • All results are given in radians.
  • For real z, the results are always in the range to .
  • ArcTan[ z ] has branch cut discontinuities in the complex z plane running from to and to .
  • If x or y is complex, then ArcTan[ x , y ] gives . When , ArcTan[ x , y ] gives the number such that and .
  • See the Mathematica book: Section 1.1.3Section 3.2.6.
  • See also: Arg.

    Further Examples

    This is the derivative.



    This is an indefinite integral.



    This is a power series expansion about .