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  • CellMargins is an option for Cell which specifies the absolute margins in printer's points to leave around a cell.
  • Possible settings are:
  • The left margin gives the distance from the edge of the window to the left-hand side of the cell.
  • The right margin gives the distance from the inside of the cell bracket to the right-hand side of the cell.
  • The left and right margins can be set interactively in the front end using the Show Ruler ruler.
  • The top and bottom margins determine the amount of space to leave above and below the cell.
  • The margins go to the edge of any cell frame that is present.
  • Cell dingbats are placed to the left of the left-hand side of the cell, and extend into the left cell margin.
  • See the Mathematica book: Section 2.10.9.
  • See also: CellFrameMargins, CellBaseline, ImageMargins, WindowMargins.