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  • ClipFill is an option for SurfaceGraphics that specifies how clipped parts of the surface are to be drawn.
  • ClipFill specifies what is to be shown in places where the surface would extend beyond the bounding box.
  • The possible settings are:
  • The colors for clipped areas can be specified by GrayLevel, Hue or RGBColor directives, or SurfaceColor objects.
  • See the Mathematica book: Section 2.9.11.

    Further Examples

    With ClipFill -> None, parts of the surface which are clipped are left out, so that you can see through the surface there. Mathematica always leaves out parts of the surface that correspond to places where the value of the function you are plotting is not a real number.

    Evaluate the cell to see the graphic.


    This makes the bottom clipped face white (GrayLevel[1]) and the top one black (GrayLevel[0]).

    Evaluate the cell to see the graphic.