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  • ContourShading is an option for contour plots which specifies whether the regions between contour lines should be shaded.
  • With ContourShading -> False, regions between contour lines are left blank.
  • With ContourShading -> True, regions are colored based on the setting for the option ColorFunction. The default is to color the regions with gray levels running from black to white with increasing height.
  • The value given as the argument for the ColorFunction function is the average of the values of the contour lines bounding a particular region, scaled so that it lies between 0 and 1.
  • See the Mathematica book: Section 1.9.6Section 2.9.7.

    Further Examples

    This compares two contour plots, one with the contour shading on, the other with it turned off.

    Evaluate the cells to compare the graphics.