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  • DensityPlot[ f , x , xmin , xmax , y , ymin , ymax ] makes a density plot of f as a function of x and y.
  • DensityPlot evaluates its arguments in a non-standard way (see Section A.4.2). You should use Evaluate to evaluate the function to be plotted if this can safely be done before specific numerical values are supplied.
  • DensityPlot has the same options as DensityGraphics, with the following additions:
  • DensityPlot has the default option setting Frame -> True.
  • DensityPlot returns a DensityGraphics object, with the MeshRange option set.
  • See the Mathematica book: Section 1.9.6.
  • See also: ContourPlot.

    Further Examples

    The singularities of this function show up as sharp changes in color.

    Evaluate the cell to see the graphic.