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  • DisplayFunction is an option for graphics and sound functions that specifies the function to apply to graphics and sound objects in order to display them.
  • The default setting for DisplayFunction in graphics functions is $DisplayFunction, and in sound functions is $SoundDisplayFunction.
  • A typical setting is DisplayFunction->Display[ channel , #]&.
  • Setting DisplayFunction->Identity will cause the objects to be returned, but no display to be generated.
  • See the Mathematica book: Section 1.9.3Section 2.9.14.
  • See also: Show.

    Further Examples

    Giving DisplayFunction the value Identity tells Mathematica to suppress output to the screen.

    Evalute the expression to create the graphic


    Evalute the expression to create the graphic


    Resetting DisplayFunction to the default allows both graphs to be shown together.

    Evaluate the expression to see the graphic.


    We tidy up by clearing the definitions of p1 and p2.