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  • x >= y or xy yields True if x is determined to be greater than or equal to y.
  • yields True if the form a non-increasing sequence.
  • xy can be entered as x >= y or x \[GreaterEqual] y.
  • GreaterEqual gives True or False when its arguments are real numbers.
  • GreaterEqual does some simplification when its arguments are not numbers.
  • For exact numeric quantities, GreaterEqual internally uses numerical approximations to establish numerical ordering. This process can be affected by the setting of the global variable $MaxExtraPrecision.
  • In StandardForm, GreaterEqual is printed using .
  • xy, entered as x >/ y or x \[GreaterSlantEqual] y, can be used on input as an alternative to xy.
  • See the Mathematica book: Section 1.5.6.