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  • IgnoreCase is an option for string manipulation and searching functions which specifies whether lower- and upper-case letters should be treated as equivalent.
  • With the default setting IgnoreCase -> False, lower- and upper-case letters are treated as totally different.
  • With the setting IgnoreCase -> True, lower- and upper-case letters are treated as equivalent.
  • IgnoreCase is an option for StringPosition, StringReplace, Find and FindList.
  • IgnoreCase in no way affects the parsing of Mathematica expressions.
  • See the Mathematica book: Section 2.7.2.
  • See also: ToUpperCase, ToLowerCase, SpellingCorrection.

    Further Examples

    This gives the positions in the string where the letter s occurs, regardless of case.



    In the first case only those strings that match explicitly are replaced; in the second any string that matches, ignoring case, will be replaced.