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  • Information[ symbol ] prints information about a symbol.
  • Information[ symbol ] prints the same information as the input escape ?? symbol would give.
  • Information has attribute HoldAll.
  • See the Mathematica book: Section 1.3.9Section A.2.11.
  • See also: Definition, Names, ValueQ, DownValues, UpValues.

    Further Examples

    This gives information about the symbol Factor. The shorthand form is ??Factor.


    Factor[poly] factors a polynomial over the integers. Factor[poly, Modulus->p] factors a polynomial modulo a prime p. Factor[poly, Extension->{a1, a2, ... }] factors a polynomial allowing coefficients that are rational combinations of the algebraic numbers ai.

    Attributes[Factor] = {Listable, Protected}

    Options[Factor] = {Extension -> None, GaussianIntegers -> False, Modulus -> 0, Trig -> False}