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  • LineSpacing is an option for Cell, StyleBox and StyleForm which specifies the spacing between successive lines of text.
  • LineSpacing-> c , 0 leaves space so that the total height of each line is c times the height of its contents.
  • LineSpacing-> 0, n makes the total height of each line exactly n printer's points.
  • LineSpacing-> c , n makes the total height c times the height of the contents plus n printer's points.
  • A typical default setting is LineSpacing->{1, 1}, which leaves space for the contents of the line, plus 1 printer's point (approximately of an inch) of extra space.
  • LineSpacing->{2, 0} makes text "double spaced".
  • LineSpacing-> 1, - n tightens text by n printer's points.
  • LineSpacing applies both to ordinary text and Mathematica expressions.
  • In ordinary text, LineSpacing determines the spacing between lines produced by automatic linebreaking. For lines produced by explicit Return characters ParagraphSpacing is added.
  • In Mathematica expressions, LineSpacing is used whether lines are produced by automatic linebreaking or by explicit Return characters.
  • Extra space specified by LineSpacing is inserted equally above and below a line, except that no extra space is inserted before the first line or after the last line of an expression or cell.
  • See the Mathematica book: Section 2.10.10.
  • See also: FontSize, ParagraphSpacing.