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  • MeshRange is an option for ListPlot3D, SurfaceGraphics, ListContourPlot, ListDensityPlot and related functions which specifies the range of and coordinates that correspond to the array of values given.
  • MeshRange-> xmin , xmax , ymin , ymax specifies ranges in and . Mesh lines are taken to be equally spaced.
  • MeshRange->Automatic takes and to be a grid of integers determined by indices in the array.
  • Settings for MeshRange are produced automatically by Plot3D, etc. for insertion into SurfaceGraphics etc.
  • MeshRange is used to determine tick values for surface, contour and density plots.
  • See the Mathematica book: Section 2.9.11.
  • See also: PlotRange, PlotPoints.

    Further Examples

    The second plot forces the mesh to extend to the entire domain of the table.

    Evaluate the cells to compare the graphics.