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  • Options[ symbol ] gives the list of default options assigned to a symbol.
  • Options[ expr ] gives the options explicitly specified in a particular expression such as a graphics object.
  • Options[ stream ] or Options[" sname "] gives options associated with a particular stream.
  • Options[ object ] gives options associated with an external object such as a NotebookObject.
  • Options[ obj , name ] gives the setting for the option name.
  • Options[ obj , , , ... ] gives a list of the settings for the options .
  • Many built-in functions allow you to give additional arguments that specify options with rules of the form name -> value.
  • Options[ f ] gives the list of rules to be used for the options associated with a function f if no explicit rules are given when the function is called.
  • Options always returns a list of transformation rules for option names.
  • You can assign a value to Options[ symbol ] to redefine all the default option settings for a function.
  • SetOptions[ symbol , name -> value ] can be used to specify individual default options.
  • You can use Options on InputStream and OutputStream objects. If there is only one stream with a particular name, you can give the name as a string as the argument of Options.
  • If you ask for Options[NotebookObject[ ... ], name ] the kernel will send a request to the front end to find the result.
  • Explicit values are found for options associated with cells even if these options are only set at the style, notebook or global level.
  • See the Mathematica book: Section 1.9.5Section A.3.3.
  • See also: FullOptions.
  • Related package: Utilities`FilterOptions`.

    Further Examples

    This lists all the options for the function NIntegrate with their default values.