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  • ParagraphSpacing is an option for Cell, StyleBox and StyleForm which specifies how much extra space to leave between successive paragraphs of text.
  • ParagraphSpacing-> c , 0 leaves an extra space of c times the height of the font in the paragraph.
  • ParagraphSpacing-> 0, n leaves an extra space of exactly n printer's points.
  • ParagraphSpacing-> c , n leaves an extra space of c times the height of the font plus n printer's points.
  • Paragraph breaks are taken to occur whenever an explict Return character appears in a block of text.
  • ParagraphSpacing is added to LineSpacing to determine spacing between paragraphs.
  • A typical default setting is ParagraphSpacing->{0, 0}.
  • ParagraphSpacing applies only to ordinary text, not Mathematica expressions.
  • Extra space specified by ParagraphSpacing is inserted before the first line of each paragraph. No extra space is inserted if the paragraph is at the beginning of a cell or a string.
  • See the Mathematica book: Section 2.10.10.
  • See also: LineSpacing, ParagraphIndent.