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  • PlotRange is an option for graphics functions that specifies what points to include in a plot.
  • PlotRange can be used for both two- and three-dimensional graphics.
  • The following settings can be used:
  • When no explicit limits are given for a particular coordinate, a setting of Automatic is assumed.
  • With the Automatic setting, the distribution of coordinate values is found, and any points sufficiently far out in the distribution are dropped. Such points are often produced as a result of singularities in functions being plotted.
  • A setting of the form min , Automatic specifies a particular minimum value for a coordinate, and a maximum value to be determined automatically.
  • FullOptions gives the explicit form of PlotRange specifications when Automatic settings are given.
  • See the Mathematica book: Section 1.9.3Section 1.9.3.
  • See also: PlotRegion, AspectRatio, FullOptions.

    Further Examples

    In the second plot the bottom of the curve is cut off.

    Evaluate the cells to compare the graphics.



    You can clip the viewing box of a ParametricPlot3D graphic.

    Evaluate the cells to compare the graphics.



    Without the option PlotRange->All, the plot is displayed in a restricted range of points.

    Evaluate the cells to compare the graphics.