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  • RecordSeparators is an option for Read, Find and related functions which specifies the list of strings to be taken as delimiters for records.
  • The default setting is RecordSeparators -> {"\n"}. With this setting, each complete line of input is considered as a record.
  • Strings used as record separators may contain several characters.
  • With the option setting NullRecords -> False, any number of record separators may appear between any two successive records.
  • RecordSeparators -> { } specifies that everything is to be included in a single record.
  • RecordSeparators -> , ... , , ... specifies different left and right separators for records. When there are nested left and right separators, records are taken to be delimited by the innermost balanced pairs of separators.
  • Example: with RecordSeparators -> {{"<"}, {">"}}, the records aaa and bbb are extracted from <x<aaa>yyy<<bbb>>>.
  • Text that does not appear between left and right separators is discarded.
  • See the Mathematica book: Section 2.11.7.
  • See also: WordSeparators.