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  • RowBox[ , , ... ] represents a row of boxes or strings in input and output.
  • RowBox objects are generated automatically to correspond to each operator and its operands in input given as \( input\ ).
  • The default arrangement of RowBox objects in \( input\ ) is based on operator precedence. Additional \( ... \) can be inserted like parentheses to specify different arrangements of RowBox objects.
  • The boxes or strings in a RowBox are output in a row with their baselines aligned.
  • In InputForm, RowBox objects are output using \( ... \).
  • In StandardForm, explicit RowBox objects are output literally. You can use DisplayForm to see the display form of such objects.
  • See the Mathematica book: Section 2.8.10.
  • See also: SequenceForm, GridBox, AdjustmentBox.