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  • Save[" filename ", symbol ] appends definitions associated with the specified symbol to a file.
  • Save[" filename ", " form "] appends definitions associated with all symbols whose names match the string pattern form.
  • Save[" filename ", " context `"] appends definitions associated with all symbols in the specified context.
  • Save[" filename ", , , ... ] appends definitions associated with several objects.
  • Save uses FullDefinition to include subsidiary definitions.
  • Save writes out definitions in InputForm.
  • Save uses Names to find symbols whose names match a given string pattern.
  • You can use Save[" filename ", " s "] to write out the definition for the value of a symbol s itself.
  • See the Mathematica book: Section 1.11.1Section 2.11.1.
  • See also: PutAppend, Get, DumpSave.

    Further Examples

    Here is a definition for a function f and an assignment for the parameter c. We then save the definition of f in the file tempf and clear the two definitions.






    The file contains both the definition of f and the definition of c on which f depends. You can reinstate the definitions you saved by reading back the file tempf with Get (short form <<).


    f[x_] = c + x^3

    c = 17