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  • SetOptions[ s , -> , -> , ... ] sets the specified default options for a symbol s.
  • SetOptions[ stream , ... ] or SetOptions[" name ", ... ] sets options associated with a particular stream.
  • SetOptions[ object , ... ] sets options associated with an external object such as a NotebookObject.
  • SetOptions is equivalent to an assignment which redefines certain elements of the list Options[ s ] of default options.
  • SetOptions can be used on Protected symbols.
  • SetOptions returns the new form of Options[ s ].
  • You can use SetOptions on InputStream and OutputStream objects. If there is only one stream with a particular name, you can give the name as a string as the argument of Options.
  • SetOptions can be used on a list of streams, such as the value of $Output.
  • If you use SetOptions[NotebookObject[... ], ... ] the kernel will send a request to the front end which will immediately make the change specified.
  • See the Mathematica book: Section 1.9.5Section A.3.3.

    Further Examples

    We set variable s to save the current settings of the options of Plot3D.


    We plot the surface with the current option settings; the default for Plot3D is to show the bounding box. We set the Boxed option to False and plot the surface again.

    Evaluate the cells to compare the graphics.



    This restores the old settings.