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  • Show[ graphics , options ] displays two- and three-dimensional graphics, using the options specified.
  • Show[ , , ... ] shows several plots combined.
  • Show can be used with Graphics, Graphics3D, SurfaceGraphics, ContourGraphics, DensityGraphics and GraphicsArray.
  • Options explicitly specified in Show override those included in the graphics expression.
  • When plots are combined, their lists of non-default options are concatenated.
  • Show is effectively the analog of Print for graphics. The option DisplayFunction determines the actual output mechanism used.
  • Functions like Plot automatically apply Show to the graphics expressions they generate.
  • See the Mathematica book: Section 1.9.4Section 2.9.1.
  • See also: Plot, etc., and Display.

    Further Examples

    Show can be used to combine plots and reset options without having to do any recalculation.

    Evaluate the cells to see the graphics.