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  • StyleBox[ boxes , options ] represents output in which boxes are shown with the specified option settings.
  • StyleBox[ boxes , " style "] uses the option setting for the specified style in the current notebook.
  • You can use font options such as FontSize, FontWeight, FontSlant, FontFamily, FontColor and Background in StyleBox.
  • The following additional options can be given:
  • In StandardForm and InputForm input, StyleBox is by default ignored, so that StyleBox[ box , spec ] is interpreted just as box would be.
  • When StyleBox objects are nested, the options of the innermost one control the display of particular boxes.
  • In StandardForm, explicit StyleBox objects are output literally. You can use DisplayForm to see the display form of such objects.
  • See the Mathematica book: Section 2.8.10.
  • See also: StyleForm, AdjustmentBox, FrameBox, Cell.