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Experimental Data Analyst

Experimental Data Analyst is a Mathematica application package that provides an extensive set of tools for data fitting, visualization, and error analysis. With Experimental Data Analyst, you can:

FilledSmallSquare Fit data to linear or arbitrary models

FilledSmallSquare Examine errors in both coordinates of the data

FilledSmallSquare Estimate parameters of spectra peaks

FilledSmallSquare Fit data with outliers

FilledSmallSquare Smooth data with averaging techniques, Fourier filters, or

FilledSmallSquare Loess fitting

FilledSmallSquare Obtain estimated errors in the fit parameters

FilledSmallSquare Perform calculations on data that automatically propagate errors of precision (for example, TimesWithError)

FilledSmallSquare Plot histograms, box plots, and data with error coordinates automatically displayed

Note: Experimental Data Analyst is compatible with Mathematica 2.2 only and is available for Macintosh (68K and PowerMac), MS-DOS, Windows (3.1, 95, and NT), OS/2, NEC PC, Linux, NEC Unix, Hitachi, SGI (IRIX), HP 9000 Series 300/400, HP 9000 Series 800, HP-UX 9000 Series 700, AIX (IBM RS/6000), Sony RISC NEWS, DEC VAX VMS, Alpha System OpenVMS, SunOS (SPARC), Solaris (SPARC), NeXT Motorola, NEXTSTEP for Intel, NEXTSTEP for HP, NEXTSTEP for SPARC, Convex, and Digital Unix.

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