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Fuzzy Logic

Fuzzy Logic brings you an essential set of tools for creating, modifying, and visualizing fuzzy sets and fuzzy logic-based systems. Ideal for engineers, researchers, and educators. The package's built-in functions help you define inputs and outputs, create fuzzy set membership functions, manipulate and combine fuzzy sets and relations, apply inferencing functions to system models, and incorporate defuzzification routines.

Note: Fuzzy Logic is compatible with Mathematica 2.2 only and is available for Macintosh (68K and PowerMac), MS-DOS, Windows (3.1, 95, and NT), OS/2, NEC PC, Linux, NEC Unix, Hitachi, SGI (IRIX), HP 9000 Series 300/400, HP 9000 Series 800, HP-UX 9000 Series 700, AIX (IBM RS/6000), Sony RISC NEWS, DEC VAX VMS, Alpha System OpenVMS, SunOS (SPARC), Solaris (SPARC), NeXT Motorola, NEXTSTEP for Intel, NEXTSTEP for HP, NEXTSTEP for SPARC, Convex, and Digital Unix.

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