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Power Computing with MathematicaMathematical Knowledge in Mathematica

Accessing Algorithms in Mathematica

Whenever you use Mathematica, you are accessing the world's largest collection of computational algorithms.

Mathematica automatically chooses appropriate algorithms for each computation.

Mathematica uses state-of-the-art algorithms for factoring integers. The result is given as a list of factors and exponents.

This generates a 2D table corresponding to a matrix.

This displays the table in matrix form.

This computes the null space of the matrix.

Mathematica can solve differential equations both symbolically and numerically.

Here Mathematica solves a nonlinear differential equation numerically. The answer is an interpolating function that implicitly represents the whole solution.

Here is a parametric plot of the solution. The /. tells Mathematica to substitute the solution for x.

Power Computing with MathematicaMathematical Knowledge in Mathematica