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Writing Programs in MathematicaMathematica as a Software Component

Building Systems with Mathematica

Mathematica has everything you need to create complete systems for technical and non-technical applications.

Combinatorica is a system for doing discrete mathematics that comes as a standard add-on package with Mathematica.

This loads the Combinatorica system.

This uses functions set up by the package.

WorldPlot is another standard add-on package that comes with Mathematica.

Optica is a large Mathematica package for doing optical engineering.

Mathematica has made possible a new generation of notebook-based educational courseware.

Follow this link to see a simple example.

Technical Trader is a Mathematica system for financial analysis.

Technical Trader uses palettes and buttons to build a custom user interface.

Clicking on a button in Technical Trader can generate a notebook of data.

Historical Daily Data for Microsoft (MSFT)


Summary Statistics

Any system you build in Mathematica will run unchanged across all computer platforms.

Writing Programs in MathematicaMathematica as a Software Component