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Mathematica as a CalculatorAccessing Algorithms in Mathematica

Power Computing with Mathematica

Even though you can use it as easily as a calculator, Mathematica gives you access to immense computational power.

This creates a 100×100 matrix of random numbers. The semicolon at the end tells Mathematica not to print the matrix.

On most computers it takes Mathematica under a second to compute all the eigenvalues of the matrix and plot them.

Mathematica can handle numbers of any size. On most computers Mathematica takes under a second to compute the exact factorial of 1000.

Mathematica can do numerical computations to any precision you specify. Here is pi to 500 digits of precision.

Mathematica routinely handles algebraic calculations that would have taken years by hand. Here is a polynomial factoring problem.

Mathematica calls on sophisticated algorithms to simplify formulas. The % symbol stands for the previous result.

Mathematica has achieved world records—for both size and speed—in many kinds of computations.

Here is a computation in number theory; larger versions of this computation, which took Mathematica only a few minutes, had never been done before.

Mathematica as a CalculatorAccessing Algorithms in Mathematica