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On MacintoshMathematica as a Calculator

Looking Things Up

FilledSmallCircle Type a word in the text field to the right of the Go To button. For instance, if the Built-in Functions radio button is selected, type the name of a Mathematica object.

FilledSmallCircle Click Go To to see a notebook about the item in the text field. The notebook appears at the bottom of the help browser.

FilledSmallCircle Click the Back button to see the last notebook that was displayed.

Browsing Different Documents

FilledSmallCircle Click one of the radio buttons near the top of the browser to show a new set of categories in the left column.

FilledSmallCircle Unless the Master Index is selected, the Go To button links only to items under the selected radio button.

FilledSmallCircle The Master Index lets you search for any topic in all the radio button categories.

The Four Columns of Items

FilledSmallCircle In any of the four columns, click an item.

FilledSmallCircle Clicking an item may lead to subitems that will appear in the next column to the right.

FilledSmallCircle Clicking an item with no subitems displays a notebook at the bottom of the help browser.

FilledSmallCircle As you click the items in the columns, the text field at the top shows what you would need to type to look up that item.

Other Things You Can Do

FilledSmallCircle Evaluate input in the help browser.

FilledSmallCircle Copy and paste input from the help browser into a notebook.

FilledSmallCircle Resize the help browser window in the same way you resize any other notebook window.

FilledSmallCircle Print out the information displayed in the help browser window using the Print menu command.

FilledSmallCircle Change the magnification using the Format menu.

FilledSmallCircle Display the Toolbar and Ruler by choosing the appropriate commands in the Format menu. (On some systems the tool bar has a print button.)

On MacintoshMathematica as a Calculator