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About MathematicaNew in Version 4.1

New in Version 4.2

Mathematica 4.2 features new functionality and enhanced connectivity to Java, XML and the web. It also offers new and updated features for linear programming, statistics, optimization, combinatorics and authoring technical documents.

Numerical Computation

FilledSmallSquare Completely new implementation of the LinearProgramming solver.

FilledSmallSquare Improved NSolve robustness and speed.

FilledSmallSquare Faster packed array support for Dot and Transpose in higher dimensions.

FilledSmallSquare Faster FactorInteger.

Algebraic Computation

FilledSmallSquareSimplify now handles ProductLog and is stronger for Mod, Floor, Ceiling, Log, Erf, InverseErf, Erfc, and InverseErfc.

FilledSmallSquare New operators NotElement and InvisibleTimes.

Notebook Interface

FilledSmallSquare Slide show environment for presentations.

FilledSmallSquare Theme support and full support for internationalization is provided with Windows XP and Windows 2000.

FilledSmallSquare New characters for double struck, script, and Gothic numbers, the planets, and musical notes.

System Interface

FilledSmallSquare Transparent Java integration with J/Link 2.0 and built-in Java Runtime Environment.

FilledSmallSquare New import and export formats FITS and SDTS.

FilledSmallSquare EPS import into notebooks.


FilledSmallSquareNMinimize and NMaximize implement several algorithms for finding global constrained optima of a nonlinear objective function.

FilledSmallSquare Comprehensive support for importing, manipulating, and exporting XML.

FilledSmallSquare New XML formats for saving Mathematica notebooks and expressions.

FilledSmallSquare Support for XHTML export, including style sheets.

FilledSmallSquare Extended MathML 2.0 support.

FilledSmallSquare Statistics enhancements, including new ANOVA package.

FilledSmallSquare New bundled Combinatorica package for combinatorics and graph theory.

FilledSmallSquare New bundled AuthorTools package for technical publishing.

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