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New in Version 4.2New in Version 4

New in Version 4.1

Mathematica Version 4.1 extends capabilities and increases speed of several important numeric and symbolic functions. It also includes some system, language and interface enhancements.

Numerical Computation

FilledSmallSquare Automatic common subexpression elimination and register allocation optimization in Mathematica expression compilation.

FilledSmallSquare Optimized handling of sparse linear equations.

FilledSmallSquare Faster high-precision evaluation of polynomial roots.

FilledSmallSquare Faster evaluation of long continued fraction sequences.

Algebraic Computation

FilledSmallSquare Greatly enhanced symbolic differential equation solving.

FilledSmallSquare Faster multivariate PolynomialGCD, Together and related algebraic functions.

FilledSmallSquare 85 new rules added for Simplify and FullSimplify.

FilledSmallSquare Optimized Expand in cases where many terms cancel.

Graphics and Sound

FilledSmallSquare Enhanced support for extended character sets in graphics output.

Programming and Core System

FilledSmallSquareOrdering for finding rankings of elements in lists.

FilledSmallSquare Built-in support for Nand and Nor.

FilledSmallSquare Optimized pattern matching in packed arrays.

FilledSmallSquare Faster handling of multiple repeated patterns in pattern matching.

Input and Output

FilledSmallSquare Support for UTF-8 character encoding.

Notebook Interface

FilledSmallSquare Automatic palette presentation of help on objects.

FilledSmallSquare New logical operators , and .

FilledSmallSquare More TraditionalForm formats for functions.

System Interface

FilledSmallSquare Support for generating and reading MathML for web applications.

FilledSmallSquare Import and export of CSV spreadsheet files.

FilledSmallSquare Import and export of DXF and STL 3D data.

FilledSmallSquare Faster import of tabular data.

FilledSmallSquare Import and export of BMP supports run-length encoding compression.

FilledSmallSquare Shift-close shortcut for window closing (Windows).

New in Version 4.2New in Version 4