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New in Version 4

Mathematica Version 4 introduces important extensions to the Mathematica system, especially major efficiency enhancements in handling large volumes of numerical data. It also includes a range of new algorithmic, language and interface features. Except as noted in Section A.13.1, Version 4 is fully compatible with all earlier versions.

New in V4 Demo Palette.

Numerical Computation

FilledSmallSquare Internal packed array technology to make repetitive operations on large numerical datasets radically more efficient in speed and memory.

FilledSmallSquare Highly optimized algorithms for doing computations on numbers with up to millions of digits.

FilledSmallSquare Faster input and output of very large integers.

FilledSmallSquare Complete preservation of precision on input and output of approximate real numbers.

FilledSmallSquare Convolution and correlation of arrays of any dimension.

FilledSmallSquare New optimized algorithms for Fourier transforms.

FilledSmallSquare Faster solution of numerical polynomial equations.

FilledSmallSquare New algorithms for FindMinimum.

FilledSmallSquare Direct support for matrix traces.

Algebraic Computation

FilledSmallSquare Support for assumptions in Simplify, FunctionExpand and related functions.

FilledSmallSquare Specification of domains for variables.

FilledSmallSquare Many additional transformations in FullSimplify and FunctionExpand.

FilledSmallSquare Simplification of polynomial and other inequalities.

FilledSmallSquare Full support of symbolic Laplace, Fourier and Z transforms.

FilledSmallSquare Extensions to integration and summation.

FilledSmallSquare Extensions to transcendental equation solving.

FilledSmallSquare Faster multiple differentiation.

FilledSmallSquare Support for subresultants.

Mathematical Functions

FilledSmallSquare Dirac delta and other generalized functions.

FilledSmallSquare Struve functions.

FilledSmallSquare Nielsen generalized polylogarithms.

FilledSmallSquare Appell F1 bivariate hypergeometric function.

FilledSmallSquare Harmonic numbers.

FilledSmallSquare Khinchin and Glaisher constants.

FilledSmallSquare Multiplicative order and Carmichael lambda functions.

FilledSmallSquare New optimized methods for evaluating , and other constants to very high precision.

FilledSmallSquare Full support for continued fractions.

FilledSmallSquare Support for periodic digit sequences.

FilledSmallSquare Direct support for bitwise operations.

Graphics and Sound

FilledSmallSquare Faster generation and display of large graphics.

FilledSmallSquare Export of graphics and sound in many formats.

FilledSmallSquare Import of graphics and sound in many formats.

FilledSmallSquare Support for discrete scaling of color levels.

FilledSmallSquare Fully consistent support for absolute options.

FilledSmallSquare Experimental support for real-time 3D graphics (Windows only).

Programming and Core System

FilledSmallSquareNestWhile and NestWhileList, allowing generalizations of FixedPoint.

FilledSmallSquarePadLeft and PadRight.

FilledSmallSquare Support for padding and overhangs in Partition.

FilledSmallSquareListConvolve and ListCorrelate.

FilledSmallSquare Generalization of Take, Drop and related functions to any number of dimensions and any stride.

FilledSmallSquare Support for All as a specification of parts at specific levels in expressions.

FilledSmallSquare Extension to Mod to support cyclic lists.

FilledSmallSquareDeveloper` context containing advanced and algorithmic specific built-in functions.

FilledSmallSquareExperimental` context providing a preview of features under development.

Input and Output

FilledSmallSquare Optimized minimal-change line breaking for smooth input of expressions and programs.

FilledSmallSquare Event-oriented cursor tracker for visual continuity during input.

FilledSmallSquare Dynamic color cues for delimiter matching during input.

FilledSmallSquare Automatic replacement of input key sequences by special characters or other objects.

FilledSmallSquare and used by default in standard output.

FilledSmallSquare New optional syntax for part extraction and function application.

FilledSmallSquare Inline cells within typeset Mathematica expressions.

FilledSmallSquare Much faster string-oriented output of Mathematica expressions.

Notebook Interface

FilledSmallSquare Full-function spell checking including special technical dictionaries.

FilledSmallSquare Dictionary-validated algorithmic hyphenation.

FilledSmallSquare Additional keyboard navigation features.

FilledSmallSquare Enhanced undo capabilities.

FilledSmallSquare Platform-independent double buffering to eliminate flicker.

FilledSmallSquare Optimized controller for smooth autoscrolling.

System Interface

FilledSmallSquare Streamlined import and export of tabular data.

FilledSmallSquare Extended support for conversion to HTML.

FilledSmallSquare Additional support for TeX output.

FilledSmallSquare Faster MathLink external program communication.

FilledSmallSquare Support for additional character sets, including Chinese and Korean.

Add-ons and Experimental Features

FilledSmallSquare Direct support for sparse linear algebra.

FilledSmallSquare Experimental support of quantifier elimination using cylindrical algebraic decomposition.

FilledSmallSquare Experimental support for symbolic optimization.

FilledSmallSquare Experimental support for real-time value displays.

FilledSmallSquare Experimental support for MathLink-based remote file systems.

FilledSmallSquare Experimental support for pop-up palettes.

New in Version 4.1New in Version 3