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1.5.14 Mathematical Notation in Notebooks

If you use the notebook front end for Mathematica, then you can enter some of the operations discussed in this section in special ways.

Special and ordinary ways to enter mathematical operations in notebooks.

This shows part of the standard palette for entering mathematical operations. When you press a button in the palette, the form shown in the button is inserted into your notebook, with the black square replaced by whatever you had selected in the notebook.

Ways to enter special notations on a standard English-language keyboard.

You can enter an integral like this. Be sure to use the special differential entered as EscapeKeyddEscapeKey, not just an ordinary d.



Here is the actual key sequence you type to get the input.

In[2]:= EscapeKeyintEscapeKeyxControlKeyLeftModified^RightModifiednControlKeyLeftModified RightModified EscapeKeyddEscapeKeyx


Advanced Topic: Generic and Non-Generic CasesContents