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Manipulating Numerical DataContents

1.6.7 Statistics Packages

The standard set of packages distributed with Mathematica includes several for doing statistical analyses of data.

Some standard statistical analysis packages.

Basic descriptive statistics.

This loads the descriptive statistics package. In some versions of Mathematica, you may not need to load this package explicitly.

In[1]:= <<Statistics`DescriptiveStatistics`

Here is some "data".

In[2]:= data = {4.3, 7.2, 8.4, 5.8, 9.2, 3.9}


This gives the mean of your data.

In[3]:= Mean[data]


Here is the variance.

In[4]:= Variance[data]


This gives a list of rules for various quantities that characterize the dispersion of your data.

In[5]:= DispersionReport[data]


Manipulating Numerical DataContents