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Testing and Searching List ElementsCombining Lists

1.8.6 Adding, Removing and Modifying List Elements

Functions for adding and deleting elements in lists.

This gives a list with x prepended.

In[1]:= Prepend[{a, b, c}, x]


This adds x at the end.

In[2]:= Append[{a, b, c}, x]


This inserts x so that it becomes element number 2.

In[3]:= Insert[{a, b, c}, x, 2]


Negative numbers count from the end of the list.

In[4]:= Insert[{a, b, c}, x, -2]


Delete removes an element from the list.

In[5]:= Delete[{a, b, c, d}, 3]


Modifying parts of lists.

This replaces the third element in the list with x.

In[6]:= ReplacePart[{a, b, c, d}, x, 3]


This replaces the first and fourth parts of the list. Notice the need for double lists in specifying multiple parts to replace.

In[7]:= ReplacePart[{a, b, c, d}, x, {{1}, {4}}]


Here is a identity matrix.

In[8]:= IdentityMatrix[3]


This replaces the component of the matrix by x.

In[9]:= ReplacePart[%, x, {2, 2}]


Padding lists.

This pads with zeros on the left to make a list of length 10.

In[10]:= PadLeft[{a, b, c}, 10]


This pads with copies of the sequence x, y.

In[11]:= PadLeft[{a, b, c}, 10, {x, y}]


This leaves a margin of 3 elements on the right.

In[12]:= PadLeft[{a, b, c}, 10, {x, y}, 3]


Testing and Searching List ElementsCombining Lists