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ContentsRunning the Executable Programs

A.8.1 Overall Organization of the CD-ROM

Mathematica is normally distributed on CD-ROM. A single Mathematica distribution CD-ROM will usually contain the files needed for Mathematica on many types of computer systems.

The CD-ROM usually contains two filesystems: an ISO 9660 filesystem with RRIP containing Mathematica files for PC and Unix systems, and an HFS filesystem containing Mathematica files for Macintosh systems.

Typical directories of the ISO 9660 filesystem.

In the PC directory, filenames are ISO 9660 compliant, and text files have LF newlines. When installed, Mathematica filenames are VFAT compliant and text files have CR/LF newlines.

The PC__8_3 directory contains files with 8.3 compliant names. Note you cannot run Mathematica directly from the PC__8_3 directory; you must install. You should install from this directory if your computer system cannot read the longer filenames on the CD-ROM.

The Unix directory contains subdirectories for installers and executables, according to $SystemID. Installers are provided for all Unix systems. Executables are provided for the Unix systems available on the CD-ROM. For both installers and executables, the $SystemID subdirectory contains command files that invoke the actual executable programs.

Major elements of the Mathematica distribution

In the ISO 9660 filesystem, these elements are stored in Files subdirectories within the PC and Unix directories. In the HFS filesystem, the elements are included in a folder alongside the executables.

ContentsRunning the Executable Programs