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Surface Color VariationsIntroduction

Mathematica Reference Guide


Basic Objects

A.1.1 Expressions

A.1.2 Symbols

A.1.3 Contexts

A.1.4 Atomic Objects

A.1.5 Numbers

A.1.6 Character Strings

Input Syntax

A.2.1 Entering Characters

A.2.2 Types of Input Syntax

A.2.3 Character Strings

A.2.4 Symbol Names and Contexts

A.2.5 Numbers

A.2.6 Bracketed Objects

A.2.7 Operator Input Forms

A.2.8 Two-Dimensional Input Forms

A.2.9 Input of Boxes

A.2.10 The Extent of Input Expressions

A.2.11 Special Input

A.2.12 Front End Files

Some General Notations and Conventions

A.3.1 Function Names

A.3.2 Function Arguments

A.3.3 Options

A.3.4 Part Numbering

A.3.5 Sequence Specifications

A.3.6 Level Specifications

A.3.7 Iterators

A.3.8 Scoping Constructs

A.3.9 Ordering of Expressions

A.3.10 Mathematical Functions

A.3.11 Mathematical Constants

A.3.12 Protection

A.3.13 String Patterns


A.4.1 The Standard Evaluation Sequence

A.4.2 Non-Standard Argument Evaluation

A.4.3 Overriding Non-Standard Argument Evaluation

A.4.4 Preventing Evaluation

A.4.5 Global Control of Evaluation

A.4.6 Aborts

Patterns and Transformation Rules

A.5.1 Patterns

A.5.2 Assignments

A.5.3 Types of Values

A.5.4 Clearing and Removing Objects

A.5.5 Transformation Rules

Files and Streams

A.6.1 File Names

A.6.2 Streams

Mathematica Sessions

A.7.1 Command-Line Options and Environment Variables

A.7.2 Initialization

A.7.3 The Main Loop

A.7.4 Messages

A.7.5 Termination

A.7.6 Network License Management

Organization and Installation of System Files

A.8.1 Overall Organization of the CD-ROM

A.8.2 Running the Executable Programs

A.8.3 The Installation Process

A.8.4 File Organization after Installation

A.8.5 Configuration Files

A.8.6 Documentation Files

A.8.7 Add-ons

Some Notes on Internal Implementation

A.9.1 Introduction

A.9.2 Data Structures and Memory Management

A.9.3 Basic System Features

A.9.4 Numerical and Related Functions

A.9.5 Algebra and Calculus

A.9.6 Output and Interfacing

Listing of Major Built-in Mathematica Objects

A.10.1 Introduction

A.10.2 Conventions in This Listing

A.10.3 Listing

Listing of C Functions in the MathLink Library

A.11.1 Introduction

Listing of Named Characters

A.12.1 Introduction

Incompatible Changes

A.13.1 Since Version 1

A.13.2 Between Versions 1 and 2

A.13.3 Between Versions 2 and 3

A.13.4 Between Versions 3 and 4

Developer Context Objects in Mathematica 4

A.14.1 Introduction

Experimental Context Objects in Mathematica 4

A.15.1 Introduction

Surface Color VariationsIntroduction