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FilledSmallSquareFileBrowse[ ] brings up a file browser to pick the name of a file.

FilledSmallSquareFileBrowse returns as a string the absolute name of the file picked.

FilledSmallSquareFileBrowse["name"] brings up a file browser with the specified default file name.

FilledSmallSquareFileBrowse["name", "directory"] brings up a file browser starting in the specified directory.

FilledSmallSquareFileBrowse can be used to find names of files for both reading and writing.

FilledSmallSquareFileBrowse is intended primarily for use with local kernels.

FilledSmallSquare See also: FileNames, Get, Put.

FilledSmallSquare Note: this is an experimental feature, and in future versions of Mathematica it may not be supported, or may have a different specification.