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FilledSmallSquareSow[expr] appends expr to a list of expressions that will be returned by the nearest enclosing Reap[].

FilledSmallSquareSow[expr, tag] appends expr to a list of expressions, associated with the particular value of tag, that will be returned by the nearest enclosing Reap[body, patt] for which tag matches patt.

FilledSmallSquareSow[expr, , , ...] sows expr multiple times, to lists associated with the .

FilledSmallSquare To use a list as a tag, enclose it within a list. For example, Sow[expr, a] sows expr with an association to the tag a.

FilledSmallSquare See notes for Reap.

FilledSmallSquare Note: this is an experimental feature, and in future versions of Mathematica it may not be supported, or may have a different specification.

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