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FilledSmallSquareCharacterRange["", ""] yields a list of the characters in the range from "" to "".

FilledSmallSquare Example: CharacterRange["A", "D"] LongRightArrow.

FilledSmallSquareCharacterRange["a", "z"] yields the English alphabet.

FilledSmallSquareCharacterRange["0", "9"] yields a list of digits.

FilledSmallSquareCharacterRange["", ""] gives the list of characters with character codes from ToCharacterCode[""] to ToCharacterCode[""].

FilledSmallSquareCharacterRange["b", "a"] gives { }.

FilledSmallSquare See The Mathematica Book: Section 2.7.4.

FilledSmallSquare See also: FromCharacterCode, Range, Sort, Symbol, Unique.

FromCharacterCode (modified)ToExpression (modified)