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FilledSmallSquareMathMLForm[expr] prints as a MathML form of expr.

FilledSmallSquareMathMLForm gives presentation MathML, although its output can normally be interpreted by Mathematica.

FilledSmallSquareMathMLForm[expr] gives MathML for the TraditionalForm of expr.

FilledSmallSquareMathMLForm[StandardForm[expr]] gives MathML for the StandardForm of expr.

FilledSmallSquareMathMLForm acts as a "wrapper", which affects printing, but not evaluation.

FilledSmallSquareMathMLForm gives special characters using HTML aliases.

FilledSmallSquare See The Mathematica Book: Section 1.11.7 and Section 2.8.1.

FilledSmallSquare See also: HTMLSave, Export, TeXForm.