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GenerateConditionsCoefficient (modified)


FilledSmallSquarePrincipalValue is an option for Integrate that specifies whether the Cauchy principal value should be found for a definite integral.

FilledSmallSquare The default setting PrincipalValue->False computes ordinary Riemann integrals.

FilledSmallSquare Setting PrincipalValue->True gives finite answers for integrals that had single pole divergences with PrincipalValue->False.

FilledSmallSquare See The Mathematica Book: Section 3.5.8.

FilledSmallSquare See also: Residue, Limit, GenerateConditions, DiracDelta.

FilledSmallSquare Related package: NumericalMath`CauchyPrincipalValue`.

Further Examples

GenerateConditionsCoefficient (modified)