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ReplaceReplaceRepeated (//.)


FilledSmallSquareexpr /. rules applies a rule or list of rules in an attempt to transform each subpart of an expression expr.

FilledSmallSquare Example: x + 2 /. x -> a LongRightArrow.

FilledSmallSquareReplaceAll looks at each part of expr, tries all the rules on it, and then goes on to the next part of expr. The first rule that applies to a particular part is used; no further rules are tried on that part, or on any of its subparts.

FilledSmallSquareReplaceAll applies a particular rule only once to an expression.

FilledSmallSquare Example: x /. x -> x + 1 LongRightArrow.

FilledSmallSquare See the notes on Replace for a description of how rules are applied to each part of expr.

FilledSmallSquareexpr /. rules returns expr if none of the rules apply.

FilledSmallSquare See The Mathematica Book: Section 2.4.1.

FilledSmallSquare See also: Rule, Set, MapAll, ReplaceRepeated, TransformationFunctions.

Further Examples

ReplaceReplaceRepeated (//.)