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FilledSmallSquareSetOptions[s, ->, ->, ... ] sets the specified default options for a symbol s.

FilledSmallSquareSetOptions[stream, ... ] or SetOptions["name", ... ] sets options associated with a particular stream.

FilledSmallSquareSetOptions[object, ... ] sets options associated with an external object such as a NotebookObject.

FilledSmallSquareSetOptions is equivalent to an assignment which redefines certain elements of the list Options[s] of default options.

FilledSmallSquareSetOptions can be used on Protected symbols.

FilledSmallSquareSetOptions returns the new form of Options[s].

FilledSmallSquare You can use SetOptions on InputStream and OutputStream objects. If there is only one stream with a particular name, you can give the name as a string as the argument of Options.

FilledSmallSquareSetOptions can be used on a list of streams, such as the value of $Output.

FilledSmallSquare If you use SetOptions[NotebookObject[... ], ... ] the kernel will send a request to the front end which will immediately make the change specified.

FilledSmallSquare See The Mathematica Book: Section 1.9.5 and Section A.3.3.

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