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StringReplacePartToCharacterCode (modified)


FilledSmallSquareStringInsert["string", "snew", n] yields a string with "snew" inserted starting at position n in "string".

FilledSmallSquareStringInsert["string", "snew", -n] inserts at position n from the end of "string".

FilledSmallSquareStringInsert["string", "snew", , , ... ] inserts a copy of "snew" at each of the positions .

FilledSmallSquare Example: StringInsert["abcdefg", "XYZ", 2] LongRightArrow.

FilledSmallSquareStringInsert["string", "snew", n] makes the first character of snew the n character in the new string.

FilledSmallSquareStringInsert["string", "snew", -n] makes the last character of snew the n character from the end of the new string.

FilledSmallSquare In StringInsert["string", "snew", , , ... ] the are taken to refer to positions in "string" before any insertion is done.

FilledSmallSquare See The Mathematica Book: Section 2.7.2.

FilledSmallSquare See also: StringReplacePart, Insert, StringPosition.

Further Examples

StringReplacePartToCharacterCode (modified)