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based on an earlier version of the Wolfram Language.
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(Alphabetical Listing)
AbsoluteTime RowBox[{Out, , RowBox[{(, %, )}]}] $LaunchDirectory
ByteCount ParentDirectory $Line
CopyDirectory Path $Linked
CopyFile Pause $MachineDomain
CreateDirectory Put $MachineEpsilon
Date Quit $MachineID
DeleteDirectory Read $MachineName
DeleteFile RenameDirectory $MachineType
Dialog RenameFile $MaxExtraPrecision
DialogProlog ResetDirectory $MaxMachineNumber
DialogSymbols Run $MaxNumber
Directory RunThrough $MaxPrecision
DirectoryName SessionTime $MessagePrePrint
DirectoryStack SetDirectory $Messages
Environment SetFileDate $MinMachineNumber
Exit Share $MinNumber
FileByteCount Streams $MinPrecision
FileDate TimeConstrained $Notebooks
FileNames TimeUsed $OperatingSystem
FileType TimeZone $Output
FromDate Timing $ParentLink
Get ToDate $ParentProcessID
In ToFileName $Path
Install Uninstall $Post
InString $BatchInput $Pre
LeafCount $BatchOutput $PrePrint
LinkClose $ByteOrdering $PreRead
LinkConnect $CharacterEncoding $ProcessID
LinkCreate $CommandLine $ProcessorType
LinkInterrupt $Context $RandomState
LinkLaunch $ContextPath $RecursionLimit
LinkObject $CreationDate $ReleaseNumber
LinkPatterns $CurrentLink $SessionID
LinkProtocol $Display $SoundDisplayFunction
LinkRead $DisplayFunction $SyntaxHandler
LinkReadyQ $Echo $System
Links $Epilog $SystemCharacterEncoding
LinkWrite $HistoryLength $SystemID
MaxMemoryUsed $HomeDirectory $TextStyle
MemoryConstrained $IgnoreEOF $TimeUnit
MemoryInUse $InitialDirectory $TopDirectory
MessageList $Input $Urgent
Names $Inspector $UserName
OpenTemporary $InstallationDate $Version