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Creating Bilateral Cells

You can use the MakeBilateral function to create bilateral cells for displaying sample Mathematica calculations. Each bilateral cell consists of two columns with expository text to the left and input and output cells to the right.

This section assumes that you have already loaded the AuthorTools package and set the variable nb to represent the notebook you wish to process. (See Using Functions to see how to do this.)

To create a bilateral cell, you must have a pair of input and output cells preceded by a cell containing text, as shown below.

This is the integral of the sine function.



This converts the text cell and input-output pair into a bilateral cell.

Here is the resulting bilateral cell.

The cell styles that appear in the left column of the bilateral cell are determined by FirstBilateralStyles, an option to MakeBilateral. The default setting of this option includes only one style, MathCaption.

The cell styles that appear in the right column of the bilateral cell are determined by RestBilateralStyles. The default setting includes Input, Output, and Graphics cell styles.

Once you have created a bilateral cell, you can reverse the process and get back the constituent cells using the following command.