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This section assumes that you have already loaded the AuthorTools package and set the variable nb to represent the notebook you wish to process. (See Using Functions to see how to do this.)

This paginates the specified notebook. If the argument is a project file, the command paginates all notebooks in the project.


This paginates all notebooks in a project. The setting StartingPages Rule"Next" means that the starting page for each notebook is the next page following the last page of the previous notebook.

Paginate[projectfile, StartingPages Rule "Next"]

Other possible settings for StartingPages are "Even", "Odd", Inherited, or a list of integers. The following command paginates all notebooks in a project and sets the starting page for the first four notebooks to be 1, 25, 57, and 83.

Paginate[projectfile, StartingPages Rule {1,25,57,83}]

The following paginates all notebooks in a project. The starting page number for each notebook in the project is inherited from the setting of the option StartingPageNumber for that notebook.

Paginate[projectfile, StartingPages Rule Inherited]