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The OpenAuthorTools palette provides a convenient way to access the other palettes in the package. Click any button to open the corresponding palette. Click the top button of this or any other palette to get help.

  • MakeProject—set up and handle projects involving multiple notebooks

  • MakeIndex—create an index

  • MakeContents—create a table of contents

  • MakeCategories—create a Browser Categories file to customize the contents of the Help Browser

  • MakeBilateralCells—create a bilateral cell to display example calculations

  • NotebookDiff—find differences between notebooks

  • NotebookRestore—retrieve content from a notebook that contains a syntax error

  • Paginate—set page numbers for one or more notebooks

  • ExportCells—extract all cells of a specified type, for example, graphics cells

  • InsertValue—insert the value of variables, such as the current date and time

  • SetPrintingOptions—specify properties of printed pages, for example, headers and footers