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The AuthorTools palettes provide an easy point-and-click interface to the package functions. For more advanced applications, you may prefer to evaluate the functions directly. But for users who only want to perform the most basic operations, the palettes provide a simpler alternative.

You can use the palettes to process either a single notebook or multiple notebooks in a single directory.

To process a single notebook:

1. Open the notebook. If it is already open, click the notebook to select it.

2. Click the button on the palette you wish to use.

To process multiple notebooks:

1. Open the MakeProject dialog box.

2. Click Load and choose a project file. (If you have not already created a project file, see Creating a Project File to learn how.)

3. With the MakeProject dialog box as the input notebook, click the relevant button on the palette you wish to use. The palette functions will apply to all notebooks that belong to the specified project.