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Getting Information About Types and Objects

It is often convenient to be able to quickly display information about the methods, properties, fields, and so on that exist in a given .NET type. .NET/Link provides the NETTypeInfo function to obtain this information.

Getting information about types.

NETTypeInfo will load the type if it has not already been loaded.

This will display a lot of information about the Process class.


This will show just the properties and methods.

NETTypeInfo["System.Diagnostics.Process", {"Methods", "Properties"}]

This will show just properties with names that begin with "Peak".

NETTypeInfo["System.Diagnostics.Process", "Properties", "Peak*"]

The default behavior is to display the members in C# syntax. If you want to see them in Visual Basic .NET syntax, use the LanguageSyntax option.

NETTypeInfo["System.Diagnostics.Process", LanguageSyntax->"VisualBasic"]